Delacroix – Liberty Leading the People

You have probably seen this painting many times and the reason of its importance is that it’s like a picture of real events that changed the future of France and Europe. Let’s discover what happened.

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Leonardo’s Virgin of the Rocks revealed

I recently visited the Louvre Museum and I had the pleasure of admiring one of the most discussed and charming Leonardo’s paintings: the Virgin of the Rocks. Let’s find out what this “weird” masterpiece hides.

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Renaissance vs Baroque Art

Today we are going to learn how to distinguish Renaissance works of art from Baroque. We are going to use three main concepts to understand the differences: emotion, composition and lighting

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Michelangelo – Doni Tondo

Today I want to share Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo with you; a painting that depicts a classic scene of the Holy Family and remains one of the most significant Renaissance works of art. This is Michelangelo’s only universally accepted finished panel painting still in existence.

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Leonardo – Mona Lisa’s secrets

It is the most famous, mysterious and admired painting in the world, but it’s actually so visually simple and plain. It lacks on drama, but, when we are looking at it, it’s like a magnet that creates a mix of feelings and confusion in our brain. So, what does make Mona Lisa so special?

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Laocoon and his sons

This ancient masterpiece inspired many Renaissance artists, among them: Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and today we’ll find out why this sculpture is so important in art.

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