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Ciao and welcome back to Exploring Art with Alessandro. Exploring Art is a free online project with the purpose to educate people on the beauty of art history. That means I am not sponsored and I would like to continue to keep the project alive. My goal is to make art enjoyable together through a journey full of discoveries, fun facts and surprises.

The Project

At the moment I am creating content by myself: researching, developing material, writing, recording, editing, and web marketing activities are all done by me in the effort to give you valuable content each and every week.

As you can imagine, it’s a huge undertaking and I need your help. Even with a donation of a few dollars you can support this free educational art project. Because I have a full-time job during the day, that leaves me with a limited amount of time to develop quality content for my channel.

I would love to build a team to help me with some of the activities listed above, so I can focus on the creation of more frequent and better quality content for you all. I have many ideas, and I would like to share and express them with you through this channel.

What’s on Patreon

Part of my creativity and passion for art is expressed through graphic design.
Graphic designs inspired by famous pieces of art that you can use on social media, HD and 4K smartphone and desktop wallpapers and other content that I add each week.

Based on the level you decide to join at, you can find new graphics, the opportunity to talk with me directly and ask questions, or see the behind the scenes of my creation process.

Please check out the page for more details and if you are able to, it would mean the world to me if you donate at the level you are comfortable with. If you are unable to donate at this time, you can also help support this cause by sharing via social media and spreading the word so we can reach a larger audience and demonstrate the beauty and significance of art and art history.

I appreciate all your support, and I hope to see you soon on Exploring Art.
Thank you

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