Michelangelo – Doni Tondo

Today I want to share Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo with you; a painting that depicts a classic scene of the Holy Family and remains one of the most significant Renaissance works of art. This is Michelangelo’s only universally accepted finished panel painting still in existence.

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Statue vs Sculpture

The terms “statue” and “sculpture” are often used interchangeably. You do it too, right? But they do have distinct differences. Let’s find them out.

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Timeline Renaissance

Renaissance Timeline 1400 1400 Renaissance – IntroductionWhy Renaissance is so important? What makes it so well-known and loved?READ MORE 1401 1401 Ghiberti – Sacrifice of IsaacThis bas-relief signed the Renaissance…

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Arcimboldo – Master of illusion

Today we are going to find out who was the genius behind this idea, discovering how he was able to create such incredible illusions that gave him fame and success in the 16th century

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Renaissance vs Baroque Art

Today we are going to learn how to distinguish Renaissance works of art from Baroque. We are going to use three main concepts to understand the differences: emotion, composition and lighting

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Timeline – Ancient Roman Art

Ancient Roman Art Timeline 753 BC 753 BC Ancient Roman Art – IntroductionI know that a lot of you were waiting for this moment: today we are going to start…

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